[OPEN] Builder for hire!

About Me

Hello, I am CrackedRevenge. I am a builder and I specialize in building cafes, SCP maps, Parkour Maps, Military Simulators, Obbies and Hotels etc. Sometimes I am accompanied by a close friend of mine, @6DevY_LordX in commissions. Additionally, I have been building for 6+ months!
I have a twitter where I post sneak peaks of my games and some of my builds/projects, if you wish to see the majority of my work it’s on twitter.
And I am the Owner of Cranky Studio’s with 10k+ members! :muscle: Cranky Studio's - Roblox



Obby Low poly Teleporter

Military Base


Sci Fi

If you would like to check some of my games out yourself here are the links-
Cafe - Roblox
army - Roblox
Aqua Cafe - Roblox
Hotel map - Roblox
Diamond Hotel - Roblox

Click the arrows :arrow_forward: to view pics above


Small Size Maps > :robux: 2k- 7k | :heavy_dollar_sign: 6$ / 35$
Medium Size Maps > :robux: 5k-10k | :heavy_dollar_sign: 17$ / 55$
Big Size Maps > :robux: 10k-100k | :heavy_dollar_sign: 70$ / 1000$

Builds Price Ranging from - 10$ to 150$ or 1000 robux to 15,000 robux

Low poly - 500R$+ or 3$+
Mid poly - 300R$+ or 6$+
High poly - 1000R$ or 8$+

I only accept payment through group funds & t-shirt with taxing included. I require 50% of the payment halfway through the commission, with the other 50% of the payment being delivered once the commission has been fully completed.
Prices can be negotiated in private.
I accept PAYPAL and ROBUX.

Other stuff

  • What kinds of projects do you accept?
    Anything that interests me even slightly.
  • What can I expect from you?
    I am someone who gets the job done and enjoys doing it.
  • Are you professional?
    Depends on the situation. I can be a friend or a professional worker, up to you.
  • What you should not do?
    Please dont lie. if you say you have a scripter and he is doing a bunch of stuff, but in reality he is searching up how to make screen guis on youtube, that extremely frustrates me if I am getting paid “at the same time as other devs are finished”
  • All of my games can be bought but :copyright: applies… to avoid the buyer from uncopylocking games…


You can contact me through one of the following methods.
Please try to DM me through Twitter or DevForum first since I tend to have a lot of Discord requests.


This is making me tear up, knowing how much work has gone into it and it’ll all be gone tomorrow.

Due to Talent Hub.

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Sad life, dude we will not life forever so we have to see something leave our life someday!

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Yep. Goodbye collaboration, we’ll all miss you!