[OPEN] Builder for hire

Greetings, I am DevScott (scottheman123456789) Roblox Studio a builder. I specialize in vibe games, Café maps, Realistic maps, SCP type builds and all around studio building. I have been building for 2 1/2 years on Roblox. Any questions see below or contact me on discord at scott#5120

Click here to see some of my screenshots of my work

I have worked with some big groups like USBP (United states boarder patrol) and many others
I’m available all week mostly at night, Availability is flexible but I’m on every night so there wont be a problem.

How do I build?

  • I use Roblox trusted plugins to do most my builds

Would you be willing to work with a team?

  • Of course!!! The best part about developing is developing along side other talented developers.

Do you do percent payouts

  • I do, but only if the game is making profit or has more than 100k Visits

Prices are negotiable!

  • I don’t build any maps under 1K R$
  • Payment can be group funds, T-shirt, Roblox cards or PayPal
  • If payment is by T-Shirt or game pass you must pay for taxes
  • Percent payout must have a game with 100K visits or above
  • Will do long term, must discuses in DMs

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at
scott#5120 [ I respond the fastest on discord ]

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


These are pretty cool builds. I really like the lighting, just be a bit more careful with material choices (e.g a metal pillar/bar should be metal and not smoothplastic).

Also, move your portfolio to Artstation now. Collaboration is locking in a few moments.


I love your work man, keep up the great work!:relaxed::yellow_heart: