[OPEN] Builder for hire!

About Me

Hello, I am hestiaIs. I am a builder and I specialize in building cafe’s, homestores, dance studios, etc. Additionally, I have been building for 2+ years and I believe that it is time I open my commissions!

Aquelic Apparel Homestore

Justice Dance Academy

Crystal Cafe

Outdated/Old work

If you would like to see more examples contact me.


Prices are negotiable, I only accept payment through group funds & t-shirt with taxing included. I charge 3k+ and I must receive half the payment before I have begun, to avoid any scamming.


You can contact me on discord h.#1068 if you’re interested in commissioning!


Are you able to make a homestore with clothing on hangers, or folded, and not on mannequins?

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Yes! You may contact me on discord if interested. h.#1111

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I’ve added you on Discord jason;#9528, hoping you can accept it and we can talk some more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello! I’m Aquelic, owner of Aquelic Apparel! Working with hestials was a pleasure. She incorporated everything I wanted into the build and got it done fast. Her prices are amazing for what you get! I loved collaborating with her and will recommend to anyone who is looking for a cost and time efficient builder. <3

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