OPEN [Builder] [Scripter] [3D modelling in blender] [Experience with terrain] TaterTech

About Me

Hi there, I first played Roblox in 2010, so I have been around for awhile. This account is a new one, so that I can have a professional face for my development endeavors. Since my time on Roblox I’ve built several things. Previously I only built things. As for my present scripting ability I built a radio with rotating vinyl record that cycles randomly through a playlist (also the sound is emitted from the part). I made a Jetpack that when you press “e” jumps you in an arc. I wrote from scratch a shift to run script. I’m a good scripter, I can implement a datastore in a large place for an rpg game.


[details=“Here are some screenshots of my work”]


Notice: Most of the work in this screenshots is kept in a file OFFLINE to protect the assets.


I’m a part-time student, So I’m fairly available. I can make time out of every day to work. I’ll be MOST available from 2-4pm and 6-12am. I tend to spend about 4-9 hours a day building/scripting, Come at me with offers if anyone is interested!


I’ll accept Group Funds and PayPal.


You can contact me at Trinom#4720
(For your best chance at a quick response, I should be contacted at the above!)

Thanks for reading fellas! :slight_smile: