[OPEN] Builder/Modeler Position for Goliath


The Team
@blueeattud - Project Lead
@blackeye61 - Lead Scripter
@Dominak - Lead Vehicle Modeler
@Vacant - Lead Builder/Modeler

What is our studio about?

Goliath Entertainment is in a group that is in heavy development for our upcoming game “Goliath.” Goliath’s game style is inspired by the game Grand-Theft-Auto.

What will Goliath feature?

Goliath is an open-world adventure and action-packed game. Once you play the game you will be some similarities to Grand Theft Auto which the game is mainly inspired by. Since the map is an open world, players may choose to be criminals of the city while building their reputation by robbing players, making heist plans, owning expensive exotic cars, and expanding on their criminal underworld armory supplying players to cause chaos among the streets. Players who are fed up with the criminal underworld may choose to be apart of the Law Enforcement and gear up to stop them and lock them up for good!

Explore the map and level up to get more access to exclusive teams that may provide you the benefits whilst in combat! The higher level you obtain, the more cars, weapons, and accessories you will unlock!

You may swap sides whenever you want! Be a cop for one minute, while being also being a criminal mastermind for the other!

What are we looking for?


As of 5/3/20, we’re looking for a main builder/modeler that’s experienced and familiar and interested in shooting/heist games. To meet our deadlines and establish a better quality game, I’ve decided to let go of the previous builder because he failed to meet his project deadline and has been MIA for over a week now. I spoke to his other commissions and the same issue occurred. So essentially you’ll be picking up where he left off at.
Goliath will be medium-poly/semi-high when it comes to the map and builds.


  • At Goliath, we don’t tolerate disrespect towards any of our fans or developers, if you’re known to have a toxic history, we will not hire you.
  • Good time management, just like applying to any real-world job you must acknowledge your due dates and make a schedule to work efficiently.
  • We always love a person who can also contribute new ideas along with the task!


The only payment method we’ll be using is:

  • Percentage

Contact Us

Please make sure you meet the following requirements if you’re looking to apply for the job

  • Minimum age of 13.
  • At-least 3 active months of modeling | 6 active months of Roblox studio

Discord: blueeattud#4404
Feel free to message me any questions/comments/concerns about Goliath
If you’re applying for the job, please message me with your portfolio (building/modeling examples) and your Roblox profile, I will get back to you asap.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a Programmer and a 3D Artist on the platform, go into my profile if you want to find out my precious portfolio, haha. Anyway, I was reading the post and it seems really proffessional, mature and also, with a lot of charge (in responsabilities) totally the place I would like to work on, but one thing is stopping me from applying, the payment.

Take a % of the game is a really high risk, what if the game doesn’t profit as expected? Or worst, even none profit of the game. That’s really, really high risk to run if you’re on the Team.

Also, I would highly recommend (if you already have one, then it doesn’t matter) a plan for failing, back-up payment, etc, etc.

The position, the game and all sounds really good, but is just the payment what it stops me, and even I know that I’m not the best candidate.

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Hello! Ah yes, I agree payment is one major decision whether a developer takes on a project or not. The only reason I’m providing a percentage payment was because I have quite a few R$ saved up to release ads and wouldn’t want to fall short on having releasing a project then having no money left over to make the game pop. The old builder generously offered to invest a hefty amount of R$. Unfortunately, he went fell inactive on Roblox which is why I’m making this post.

However, if any qualified developer is interested in R$, we can negotiate privately!

Ok, that would be awesome! Anyway, I’ll contact you soon to talk about details.

Still looking for a builder. I’ve replied to everyone who has applied.

i’m a builder/3d modeler but i want to know how much % i willl get?

That’s something I’d discuss over discord, DM me your portfolio.

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