[OPEN] Building Portfolio! | Graphic/GFX Design

About Me

Hello! I have been working with graphic design and 3D rendering for a little over a year, but far more heavily in these past months. As a new member of the Developer Forum, I am searching to build my portfolio.


I have very little Roblox related art to show, as the purpose of this is to gain more experience/work to showcase. I have done many Roblox 3D renders, however those were lost along with a hard drive. :frowning:

(More on the graphic side of things)


I am quite flexible in my availability, and can work weekdays/weekends. However, I will be on vacation June 17-22. In that time, I will still be available for contact, I simply will not have the tools I need to work.


Because the purpose of this topic is to build my portfolio, I am not charging anything. So that I do not become flooded with commissions, I will not be taking up too many at once, so I apologize if I turn down your request.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord @ Jude#2457

Thanks for reading, I hope to be in touch soon! :slight_smile:


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