[OPEN] Bus Developer

Welcome everyone, I am QizheTheNSCDev (NewCitiesMC), your prospective dev, and I am currently looking for a position as developer in a group that is related to transportation or requires transportation solutions.

About Me:

I am a Singaporean, and I have a lot of experience in building buses. I have been working in the Australian bus industry for quite some time with my own company, Ventura, while looking for jobs out there. However, none suited me, and thus, I have decided to look for a job here!


Here are some screenshots of my past and present work:


I am available from 7:30 to 22:00 SGT/AWST on weekends and weekdays. On weekdays however, there will be long periods where I will be offline due to school. I can work everyday, but on weekdays, I work less due to schoolwork.


Prices are negotiable, and I accept either monthly pay or per asset. My payment method is solely via Robux, and I prefer group funds.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at QizheTheNSCDev#0001 right now.

Thanks for reading, and I cannot wait for you to choose me for your company, as a prospective developer of yours!