[OPEN] Bxd_Fxnd | Realistic Builder, Modern Architect

Hello, my username is @Bxd_Fxnd! I recently joined the developer forum to help people who need assistance with building high poly maps or architectural buildings/homes. I only speak English and my timezone is Pacific Us. I am mostly online on weekends, but sometimes I am online during weekdays because I am in school for the time being. If I have a commission for you, I will only be able to give it to you on weekends.

How do I build?

I primarily use regular Roblox blocks and tools, but sometimes I may use some terrain as some sort of build tool. I am the best at early modern/ regular modern builds, but I will do other builds if needed.


Small Mountain Side Dono View House Pictures

Small Mountain Side Dono View House
Commisioned by: @FxllenCode


Small Mountain Side House Photo4 Small Mountain Side House Photo4


Small Island Resturaunt

Basice Homestore

Coming Soon!

Small-sized build (currently) 1500 Robux.
What is a small-sized build? A small-sized build can be a regular-sized house, a small building/
, not much detail.

Regular sized store/ resturaunt (currently) 3000 Robux
What is a regular-sized store/ restaurant? A regular-sized store/ restaurant is one that isn’t very massive, it is normal sized and isn’t too detailed.
please note that this is a detailed map, not just a low-poly map. Prices will drop when there is less detail requested.

Large Building (currently) 10000 (can be negotiated) Robux
What is a Large Building? A large building is a large scale build, has extra detail, and/or is a map

PLEASE NOTE I WILL ONLY TAKE GROUP PAYOUTS AS PAYMENT! I will rarely accept percentages, so do not contact me if your only payment is percentages.

If you wish to contact me, contact me through the dev forum or reply to this topic. I do not primarily discord and would prefer not to use it, to prevent scamming. (@Bxd_Fxnd)

Also, please keep in mind of my timezone and previous details I have shared about the times I am usually online.

Thank you for reading this, and have a great day :happy2:



Great builder, I highly recommend! Got my work done fast and highly detailed. If you need a modern, high poly builder, this is your guy! I’ll be back for more, for sure.

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Hello Bxd_Fxnd!
I want to know if you know to make a recruitment center like GRP but in a different look. Want to know your price (Willing to pay 6k or less) Negotiable pls if can. The group is called Group Advertising Centre.
Pls, let me know if interested or not!
Thank you!
Group Link
You may discuss the plan with me by Twitter or Discord
Discord- FazeMJ_Dev#1436

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Hello FazeMJ-Dev,
I will gladly make a recruitment center for you, and i would say 6k robux is a fair price at this point in time. If you can send me a DM on the Devforum, and we can talk business there.

I would like to talk about the business in discord if can?

I’m a bit hesitant to use discord because of how easy it is for builders and developers to get scammed, so I’d prefer to just used DMs on the forums.

Ill send you a message on discord, I dont know what my number is but I know my username will be Bxd_Fxnd

I added new examples of builds, if you like them they are currently not in use. I am still open for commissions, just private message me or respond to this portfolio.

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