[OPEN] c h a i n $ is looking for active clothing designers!

About Us

Hello! We are c h a i n $, a fairly new clothing group. We currently have 1 active designer and myself creating clothes, but with our growth, we decided we could use another designer!

The Team
@chainedrxses/Iostrxses - Co-Owner/Designer
@FxllenCode - Co-Owner
@SimplyLeilani - Designer
@pailbucketman - Partner

About The Job

We are looking for a clothing designer who has lots of experience. We like the “aesthetic” style, so we would appreciate if it fits into that theme, along with our current designs.

Example of our designs


We would like 1 new outfit every week. By outfit, we mean a shirt with a matching pair of pants. Also acceptable is a dress or a romper. By that, we mean that it covers both shirt and pants regions, but it is just pants.


We are looking to give anywhere from 5-20 robux per piece uploaded. Prices are negotiable based off quality. That is not for the whole outfit. It is for every piece. So if you upload a shirt and skirt then you would get anywhere from 10-40. If you are interested, tell us how much you would PREFER to get paid, and send us some examples of your work/your portfolio. We can decide what is fair together from there. Additionally, if you upload more, we will most likely start paying more.

Contact Us

Please contact us here on the dev forum. If you PM me, make sure to add @FxllenCode to the PM so he can also take part.


Hello, I Am Open For The Job. My Discord Is Porkchops1233#9628

We don’t use discord, please message us here.

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ok well how do I get hired If we cant use discord?

well the devforum exists please read the whole message thoroughly next time

what does PM Mean? dsdsasdsadsadfdf

I’m interested my discord is
simon bruh#7869

Read. The. Contact. Details. Before. Replying :smiley:


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