[OPEN] Cafe/Restaurant Scripter Portfolio


About Me

Hello, my name is ben or tokyoeh and I have been scripting on Roblox for the past 2 and a half or so years. I have scripted for many notable groups such as Stone Valley Highschool (20k+), Jump Park (16k+), Scoops Ice-Cream (14k+), and Sakura Kitchen (5k+).


Here are some examples of my work

:cake: Baking System
Personal project

:label: Check-In System (Trampoline Park)
Commission for JumpPark

:desktop_computer: Modern UI
Unfinished personal project

:broom: Mopping System
Personal project

:rainbow: Nametag Color System
Commission for no longer open juice bar

:speaking_head: NPC System
Unfinished personal project

:1234: Training Points System
Basic Admin Essentials Plugin (Personal project)

Examples of my UI ability


I am very flexible on time so there aren’t set times that I am available and set times that I am not. With this being said, however, I am in the EST timezone and I have school on weekdays so I am usually only available after 3:30 pm EST on weekdays.


The price I charge is completely dependent on what you want me to do, the complexity of said thing, and what kind of budget you are working with. I prefer USD as payment but I also accept Robux.


The best way to contact me is via Discord; ben.#1661
You can also contact me on Twitter but you must have and be able to use Discord for our main source of communication; https://twitter.com/tokyoehdrihft

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you in the future!


I love your work I would love to get some stuff like this!


Ben is an amazing scripter. I’ve worked with him in the past and he is very talented, flexible, and offers amazing prices for the quality of work he can provide. Would 100% recommend him for any project.


Ben is a great person, he is a very good scripter and it is very worth it, you should hire him today!


From the organization and the work, I may not have ordered from this individual, however, their work is simply amazing and wondeful. I hope you learn more stuff and get a lot of commissions!


[bump] some new work has been added


yes, the work of the check in is very good.


I love your portfolio too! I want work with you because your portfolio is so splendid! If you want to work connect me!
Roblox: TheDeli1234


Hey! You’ve a got a great portfolio there. I have messaged you in Discord, reply back when you can. Thank you!


commissions are open if anyone was wondering!


I added you on Discord: fred.#8520

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I recommend Ben. He is one of the spectacular scripters on the ROBLOX platform thriving to achieve more and learn new scripting techniques in the future.

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Hello! I’m interested in your work, I’ve added your discord! Mines ben-s#0882 :smiley:

I used to be really into Cafes a long time ago, and If we had this tech it would have been alot more sucessful trust me, good work