[OPEN] CanadianCrepe | Professional UI Designer and 2D Artist

I’m starting off new, and I have cheap prices, so, I’ll add more when I get more customers.

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Attention everyone, I have recently updated my prices! Check them out!

Love the work. Might need you soon.

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Hey everyone, I added a poll and I am currently looking for one more order at the moment until my UI design will be closed for a few weeks or even months, as I have been hired for a job in a game.
Thanks for understanding, I will keep you updated once if the job is finished or I’m free to UI Design.

  • BenzGamingz
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Reopened my commissions and added my 2D artist work.

All purchases this week will be 50% off regular prices! If you would like to buy some UI, DM me on the DevForum.
Discord is now an option for contacting me, if you’d like.
My working hours have also been edited.

Your pricing is too low. I think you should increase them because your UI is unique.

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I didn’t really get many orders with my original prices, so I want to get more orders.

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Added some new commissions for my UI work! Check it out, especially you Star Wars fans. :slight_smile:

Just for today, all UI designs are free! Get your UI while you can.

Sales are no longer free, feel free to buy some UI today!


Your UI’s look pretty good! I’m definitely interested, but I see you didn’t happen to list your discord name and #.

EDIT: DM me, Overconfident#1153 on discord and we can talk more.

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Sent, my profile picture is of an Obi-Wan character.

@BenzGamingz was quick with his work, and provided everything I requested from him. If you need a UI designer, I definitely recommend him for your project.

(P.S, I’ll definitely be working with him again if I need other UI designs)

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Thank you for the review @EsplosiveTNT2, much appreciated. Hope to work with you on more projects.

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Hello, are you still open for commissions?

Yes I am still open for commissions.

Needs a 2D Artist for this thing below!

You need a 2D artist? You mean a GFX artist?

2D artist, check the link to see the samples and to see if you can make a similar thing.