[OPEN] CanadianCrepe | Professional UI Designer and 2D Artist

Needs a 2D Artist for this thing below!

You need a 2D artist? You mean a GFX artist?

2D artist, check the link to see the samples and to see if you can make a similar thing.

I’ll check out the link in a bit. :+1:

I sent you a Discord friend request, I am the guy with the Obi-Wan PFP.

Great! I don’t see your discord, so could you add me? Administator_FBI#7336

Your Discord doesn’t work, my Discord tag is Obi-Wan Kenobi#5246.

Update: I added my Discord tag, for all you Discord users.

Added some more UI Design Examples.

Third time using @BenzGamingz, and although the wait can sometimes be long, it’s definitely worth It once it’s delivered. If you need a UI designed, I definitely suggest him for the job.


I really like how you made studio ui look good, when do you think you’ll be able to switch over to photoshop ui?

Really depends, I can’t really afford Photoshop so I might get it later; but until then I’ll use Studio UI.

Added brand new examples!

4th or 5th time using BenzGamingz for UI designs, and he continues to provide high quality work. Although last time it took a bit longer, he delivered in under an hour of my first message, which is pretty astonishing. I definitely recommend you use him if you need a high quality, cheap UI design.

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Added some brand new work!

Updated my portfolio w/ new examples and icons!

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Prices are free for today! Get your UI while you can!

The 2D work is fairly done, I would suggest you use photo edit apps to add Effects and eye catching text , for it will make your work stand out more.

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Everything is no longer free as it is September 1st!

Commissions have been reopened, get them while you can!