[OPEN] CanadianCrepe | Professional UI Designer and 2D Artist

Sorry, but a personal matter popped up in the way, and all commissions that have been ordered before the closure of the UI commissions, unless cancelled will be finished.

Hey I love your work and I would love to get into contact Discord: Badle#5065 (I would add you but your tag doesn’t seem to be working)

I sent a request to you. I have an Obi-Wan pfp.

Changed my Roblox username to CanadianCrepe, yay.

Moved my portfolio, go here for my newest portfolio w/ newer examples:

Did you make this without any inspiration?

I followed this admin panel style, but it was an image given by a person buying a product from m.

But I did make it independently, I even can open source proof that I made it.

Oh, i wasnt doubting that you didn’t make it, i just liked the design. aha

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