[OPEN] Capt_George // Programming // Terrain // Graphics

I’m George, a high-school student from California :wave:

I joined ROBLOX in early 2011, and started programming soon after improving bit by bit, day by day, and year by year. While also doing that, I’ve branched out into other fields; some of which aren’t related to ROBLOX (web-development, etc). Anyhoot, I’m looking to take on some projects and I’d really love to talk :slight_smile:


  • Lua (~7 Years)
  • NodeJS (~4 Years)
  • MySQL/MongoDB (~2 Years)
  • Procedural generation! (~1 Year) - One of my most favorite and interesting areas to learn about


Body (Ragdoll) Disposal/Retrieval System in trunks (for a crime game)

Pick up player’s corpse, put it in a car, take it out, have fun with it!

Procedural MOBA Terrain

Randomly generates terrain, includes different “foliage” elements along with rarity (e.g. plants, trees, bushes, rocks, etc).

3D Stars

I wanted to play around with a space sort of game, and decided to focus on the ambience for the beginning. I liked skyboxes, but they were 2D and static feeling, and I wanted to recreate the feeling of stars. I developed a little system that looks like it creates 3D stars that follow with your character + camera, which gives it an infinite effect no matter where you move.


Custom tool engine (SparkMetal). Doesn’t use default ROBLOX tools, modular system and comes with tactical shield and 3 dif. guns (automatic, semi, and pistol) - shoutout to Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!!

Procedural Road Network

Some procedural road network generation (keeps expanding on ends of paths). Still not looking great, but with some time and thought it could be pretty sweet.


Made a cannon (I programmed it, I did not build it :slight_smile:) that rotates 45 degrees on either side, 5 degrees down, and 25 degrees up. Also played with some tweening effects to make a cute little animation when you fire (again, shoutout to FastCast for the ballistics module).

I probably have a few more pieces of work lying around, but this is my most recent “cream of the crop.” If you’d like to see something or ask me something in particular, contact my Discord.

Accepted Payments: USD (PayPal) or Robux (Aftertax)
Contact me: George#2294

I did not including a pricing tab, as it’s really variant on the project and is hard to give an wild estimate. Contact me on Discord for a quote and I’ll be sure to respond :slight_smile:

Have a great day,
-George W.

P.S. My finals are next week and my sports season is coming to an end in a few days, so I’ll be able to dedicate my time after the chaos has settled.


Hey! Can you join my team! It’s called Spot Box Films! We have been looking for scripters! I was hoping you would make our games for us!

Hello there Capt_George.

I sent you a friend request Zan#1234.

Would love to hire you for my team :smile:

Hey Zan,
I didn’t receive the request so I went ahead and sent you an FR.

Add me now, please.