[OPEN] Central Group Hub | Huge Potential Project


Central Group Hub is a game inspired by “Group Finders”. We have been working on this game project for 6-7 months now and have been increasing our development every single day.
This project is a 24/7 active development team, we want to get this game out to provide business opportunities. This project takes the aspect of DevForum and a shutdown game called “Group Finders” and puts it into one main-stream for all developers, groups, etc. to enjoy.

We want this game to be the highlight on recruitment and business platform on roblox.
Our motto, “Where it changes the course of business opportunities.”

Central Group Hub

The game progress

Our UI so far, we need another UI Designer with this style of our UI’s!

About The Job

We are looking for an active UI Design to do lots of UI’s for our Programmer to work on for the systems in-game.
We do have one UI Designer, he is currently off in vacation.
So we are offering a payment for you as a UI Designer.


  • MegaShot | Builder & Animator
  • CharlBlox | Programmer & Bot Engineering
  • BrickBattlerOfTheDay | UI Designer
  • (NONE) | UI Designer ← We need one more UI Designer


Payment will be solved in DM’s, we want to see what fits your interest.

Contact Me!

You can contact me on discord: MegaShot#4683
Actively responsive there!!

Sincerely, GroupAdminister


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