(OPEN) Cheap & Experienced GFX Designer & 3D Artist | Skylar_Chimp

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(got a new computer!)

About Me

Hi, I’m Skylar. I have been making graphic designs since March 2019. The title will say if my commissions are opened or closed, but I’d love to work with you! I like to read with my gecko Claudia. :lizard: My favorite color is yellow. This are super unnecessary sentences, just get on with reading this.


I honestly don’t have many to showcase but here are some.


Group logos:

New Project (7)



This is the only one because for some reason i lost all the othersimage


Group Logos (GFX) are 50 - 500 R$ depending on how you pay and how long I work on it
Thumbnails (GFX) are 100 - 800 R$ also depending on how you pay and how long I work on it.
Ads (GFX) are 100 R$ Each.
All logos are 50 R$


Contact me on weekdays, I will make your GFX on weekends, and logos on weekdays.


The best way to contact me is messaging me here on devforum. :kissing_heart:
Edit: Now, I would use discord to contact me, but devforum is still okay.

Discord: skylar_chimp#0019

Thanks for reading!

also reminder
I have improved these are old old examples.


Hey, what program do you use? It looks nice!

Hey, @ChimpDev

I really love your work, and would love to hire you!

Please contact me on Discord, aqzron#1821

Sorry I can’t use discord for personal reasons. Sorry. I will try to get ahold of you there, but it might take a little bit. Sorry for the inconvenience

(edit: I can use discord whenever now, don’t worry about that. btw that was during school)

Blender and photoshop :slight_smile:

@ChimpDev That is fine, when will you be able to use discord? it will be easier.