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About Me

Howdy! I’m Ceptese, but you can call me Cep! I’m a suit designer that is seeking commissions! I haven’t made a lot of suits, but others have said that my suits are good, so I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


Look below to view my clothing! (There’s more but I don’t feel like putting them up here, contact me if you wish to see the full list)

Click me!


image ← Commission
image ← Commission
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I’m mostly online during 3:30 pm-10 pm Est on weekdays due to school. Weekends I’m on mostly the whole day.


I would prefer around 150 robux per outfit (suit and pants) via a shirt (150 after tax) or group funds.


You can contact me on discord at Cep???#1000

Please do not send me a friend request outside of my hours unless you are in a different time zone that cannot get on when I get on.


I always do pay first, then I will send. I can show you screen shots of progress to make sure everything is legit on my end. I will give you a watermarked version of the product, wait for payment to be processed and go through, then give you the real product.

Order Status

I can guarantee your suit within 1-2 days of your order! (Unless there is more than 3 orders)

If you order now, your delivery will be: On Time! <— IMPORTANT
It will most likely be in, 1 day(s)! <— Estimated time in the deadline within 1-2 days


Are you looking to be a group designer?
No, I already own a group that I make clothing for, and take care of.
Can you lower the price?
Sadly not, as 150 is as low as I can go with the situation I am in right now.
What if I don’t have discord?
Then there is no way for me to contact you sadly :frowning:
Do you need a developer?
No. I already have a home store.
How many suits can you make per day?
Right now I only make 1 per day, giving me 2 days to complete an order. If orders are back up, I can make 3 suits a day!


Please note, I did not steal from BqbRoss. He politely asked for the templates I used for the suits, and since I am a good man I gave them the template. I will not be giving out the template anymore to anyone.

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I recommend this guy if you want cheap quality clothing.

He answered me on discord within 5-10 minutes, and started working on it.
He gave me the shirt and pants today! Which is quite the surprise, as other clothing designers take quite the time!

This was one of the finest services i’ve experienced. 5/5

Best regards,

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what happend, i’ve never been notified about this?