[OPEN] Cheap Website Developer

About Me

Greetings, I am JaymarThePG or Jay for short. I am offering my services as a website developer, and website hosting company. All of our other skills can be viewed here: https://softlogue.com/index.php/services/


You can view my past websites created here: https://softlogue.com/


I am available most of the day and night. My timezone is CDT so I prefer being contacted anywhere between 12:00 pm to 12:00 am


Prices are chosen depending on which plan you decide to choose from our various packages My only payment method is USD. https://softlogue.com/index.php/plans-and-pricing/


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at JaymarThePG#9999 or email me at INFO@SOFTLOGUE.COM

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hey, this us interesting, but I think you need some more info. The follow info would be very helpful:

What languages do you code in?

Is this front end or back end?

Are you using any frameworks?

This would help a lot for people trying to see if they want to hire you.

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Are you using mdbootstrap? Or is this WordPress?

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We use WordPress to design our websites.

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Oh… Okay, this changes a lot, I think you should mention that, most people looking for a custom website on this platform are looking for someone to code it using HTML, CSS, and JS. This is because most people on here could easily make a WordPress themselves. That’s my only suggestion, the website is nice… Just looks like you forgot to use text-align-center in some areas.

Alright, will do and thanks for the error notice.

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No problem! I’ll look for a few more things that look odd, is the site using container-fluid? It’s looks a bit odd on mobile.