Open Child Place In Studio

I am working on a multilevel game using multiple places i.e. a starter place and what I think of as child places as each level. I want to be able to open these child places easily in Studio, but they aren’t available in the Recent section of Studio.

I have all spaces saved as files and in source control, but if I open a child place from file I have to then publish to Roblox before I can test as they rely on DataStore.

The only way I have found to open a child place directly in Studio is to go to the web page for it in the browser then select Edit from the three dot menu. Not inuitive and certainly not what I would call easy.

Is there a way to find the child place in the Studio to open it directly?

No, but you can go to the main game → Settings → Places → Click the three dots on the one you want → Edit

Click on “View” at the top of studio

Then Click places, then “Asset Manager”


Then click on the place you want to go to


Ya, that way works better than what I said but both are still options.

To me, Asset Manager is much easier.

Ya, me too. I forgot about that when writing though.

Thanks for the responses. Asset Manager seems the best option but it still isn’t a good experience having to open the game first, especially as opening the child place starts a new instance of Studio

I do agree, and I have this same issue. Sadly I know no way around that, and I dont think there will be unless Roblox adds it.

You can use internet shortcuts (those are just .url files) with this set as the URL:


Or browser bookmarks:

Nice tip, I have used this to create a shortcut in the git repo so I can use it from any PC I work on the project.

Makes me wonder why the Roblox team don’t use this to populate the context menu on the Windows Taskbar or MacOs Dock like most other apps that have a document format do, That would make life so much easier. To open the Rojo project all I do is right click on the VS Code icon and select the project shortcut. Would be nice if I could do the same on the Roblox Studio icon.