[OPEN!] Clothing Designer Commisions!

๐˜ผ๐™—๐™ค๐™ช๐™ฉ ๐™ˆ๐™š

Hello! Iโ€™m a clothing designer and low poly builder! I got roblox in March 2020, started designing in May 2020, and started building in October! I have around 2k clothing sales, and some groups that I work/worked/commisioned for include: Giovanni (11k), corek1d (2.2k), swi threads (3k), ephlora (7k), jordys galore (5.2k), aspired clothing (3.1k), andys fan group (900), pradia (1.2k), Sabor (2k) and a few more! Iโ€™m very new to building alothough I love the low-poly style! I have figured out landscaping and lighting (I canโ€™t use blender) and Im learning to make buildings! Thanks for reading!


I dont make many showcases, but you can check out my group here!


Some things I have made!
image image image image


I can design every day (usually every other day)! You can contact my through the dev forum, or through my discord! laxerie#3646



Shirt: 50-200 depending on time taken and detail
Pants: 50-200 depending on time taken and detail
Outfit: 100-400 depending on time taken and detail


You pay first so you donโ€™t waste my time or scam
Ill show you updates while I work if it takes really long


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or discord laxerie#3646

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hello @lemonxado,

May I ask how could we scam you if we pay you before you start creating? You would more likely scam us then us scam you. If I hire you could we do something like were you will create it then you show me it (with watermark) then I give u the robux then you give the the final product. Also if I do not like what you have made (bad qualty or not the same qualty put in the portfolio) I would only pay half for your time/labor.

I meant that you would pay before to prevent me getting scammed lol. I also have proof that I donโ€™t scam.

I would like to hire you for clothing you can make what ever you want the payment is different tho what ever youโ€™re clothes makes you keep 50% here is my group Lectis - Roblox hope to have you with us

I sent a friend request on discord my name is subaquakidlectis#5562 hope we can hire you