[OPEN] Clothing designer for Homestores

About Me

This is my portofolio for clothing designer.
I make aesthetic and streetwear clothing!


Here are some of my last creations:
Desktop_200523_1920_1 Desktop_200523_1919 Desktop_200523_1920 butterfly


Due corona iam available every day


Each Outfit 200 R$ (Shirt and pants)


Contact me via discord:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I like the 3rd one, where can i buy it? (just for 5)

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Hi! I like the clothes. I need pants for my group. Here is the link. [STILL OPEN] Clothing designers for c h a i n $. Check it out! I would love to hire you.

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My own Homestore opens soon,this outfit will be there too,but i sell most of my clothing for 7R$


Iam interested,do you still search for one?

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Hi! Unfortunately, we have found a jeans designer, however, if you could lower your prices a bit, I might hire you to make so extras… Message me here on the dev forum, and we can talk.

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would anyone tell be a good program thats free and easy to make shirts and pants ’

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Hi! Today is your lucky day! We are in urgent need of jeans! Our other designer cannot make a certain pair! Could you message me here on the devforum so we can talk? Thanks!

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Hi! I am interested. I’ve just added you! My user is Nullified0#8333.