[OPEN] Clothing Designer - Raekaro



Hello! My name is Raekaro, and I currently design clothing on the platform, which I have been doing for a year. During my journey as a clothing designer on Roblox I have been hired by several public figures such as Youtubers and UGC Creators. I consider myself highly experienced and focused when it comes to creating clothing. I specialize in modern and cute clothing but I am always available to challenge myself and experiment with new styles!


Here are some places my clothes are featured at

Catalog Tester
Butterfly Mall! :butterfly:
[NEW!] Load Outfits :womans_hat:
Coded Clothing Mall V2 :shopping:

Clothing Examples

3 8
4 6
7 9
Vibe LA


I am available mostly during the weekends, but because of school there might be delay in the deadline… But usually that is not the case. Please if you are gonna work with me do not rush me because drawing takes time!


My clothing prices are:

  • 5,000 robux = 1 outfit
  • 2,500 robux = 1 shirt
  • 2,500 robux = 1 pants


I do not agree to making

  1. Furry related Outfits
  2. Character Armor
  3. Overdetailed Outfits


Discord: raekaro#0001
Twitter: @Raekaro

Before you consider ordering from me please make sure you read the following

  • All payments are upfront.

  • Discounts are not provided towards costumers.

  • Make sure you know exactly what you want to order, and provide me with enough details so that i can make you satisfied with the final product.

  • Refunds are not issued, as your purchase is final… You will not be refunded after you already turned in your payment.

  • I am allowed to decline your order, if you have paid already and it’s declined… You will be issued a refund.

  • You will only be provided the PNG version of your order, and you are required to give me credits in the description of the item.


I’ve worked with Raekaro before and not only does he make amazing clothing, but he also was quick to respond to my messages and made exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile: Definitely recommend


I’ve worked with raekaro for a few months and they have been a super quick, constant and high quality with all their designs, 10/10 would definitely recommend!

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I have recently worked with Raekaro before and he make’s incredible clothing, he got the job done in a timely manner and did it the exact way I wanted! I highly recommend him.

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Very easy to work with! Would highly recommend hiring Raekaro for clothing. Commission was completely in a timely fashion and to a high standard.

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