Open Cloud DataStore API doesn't correctly list all entries

Reproduction Steps
Send a request to the List Entries API under Open Cloud with a limit higher than one to a data store with more than one entry. It seems this also occurs with the List DataStores API.

Expected Behavior
The API returns all the entries I requested

Actual Behavior
Only one entry is returned from the API at a time

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:{universeId}/standard-datastores/datastore/entries?datastoreName={name}&limit=10
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly

Thanks for the report! It has been filed and we will reach out once we have more information.


Hi! This behaviour is expected for List Entries API. The list of keys are stored in multiple partitions. When you have fewer keys in one partition you will get fewer results, that may be why you are seeing less keys than you expect. The limit is more of a guarantee that we will never return more than that number of entries, rather than a guarantee of returning that number of entries. If you traverse through your entries with the cursor you should be able to go through all of your keys.

For List Datastores API we will be looking into the behaviour. You should still be able to traverse through all of your datastores with the cursor without any missing datastores similarly to List Entries API but we will look into allowing users to display up to the requested limit.


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