Open Cloud Endpoint for Batch Analytics Download

As of today, you need to give an account full edit access to an experience to allow them to view analytics for a universeId. This is a security risk and a blocker for projects who want to easily share analytics to team members or third parties that do not need edit access.

Currently, Roblox allows developers to download analytics data in .csv format on an individual basis per chart. While this isn’t time draining for smaller studios, once you are over 3-4 universeIds it becomes a 10-15 minute time-consuming and inefficient validation task to check if you have downloaded everything correctly.

This feature request seeks to address two primary concerns: the ability to perform batch downloads of analytics data and the provision of a more secure method for accessing this data.

Batch Download of Analytics Data

The introduction of a batch download feature would streamline the process of comparing games’ analytics, enabling developers to download all relevant analytics data in one action. It would allow us to cross-reference data across our different games and identify trends or areas for improvement more effectively. It’d also allow us to quickly upload it to sheets to share with other team members that are not developers, but are reliant on making models and collecting insights based off of this data.

Secure Access via Open Cloud API Key

Another significant concern is the current requirement for developers to give account access for editing places, posing a potential security risk. The implementation of an Open Cloud API key for analytics downloads presents a solution to this issue. By allowing developers to access their data through a secure API key, Roblox can eliminate the need to provide extensive account permissions, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches. This approach not only enhances security but also offers a more flexible and developer-friendly way to access data. This could also allow us to go from Roblox Dashboard > Google Sheet in seconds instead of several, several minutes.

If Roblox can provide this, we’d be able to better represent our combined games’ analytics data to potential brands, identify trends throughout our games, and get a whole representation of a games’ health seconds instead of many minutes of individually downloading .csv

We’d also be able to create web applications, such as a website with secure access, to then share with our team members and not need to be bottlenecked by timezones and time someone, usually a busy Developer, having to manually download everything and then send.


If you are using a Group then you can give View Analytics permissions without providing Edit access:

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This has nothing to do with the Open Cloud though. This only solves one of the small point brought up. I would also love to see an Open Cloud Endpoint as well for analytics.

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Thank you for this link! It addresses the security risk I spoke of.

I was unaware that you could set the group roles for this, but this does not help with the toil of having to individually download .csv for each chart under the analytics dashboard.