Open Cloud Memory Stores API [Beta]

I have a question about the Open Cloud Memory Stores API.
I ran the curl command listed in the reference, but it returned 404 Not Found.
Could you tell me what the cause is?

    "type": "",
    "title": "Not Found",
    "status": 404,
    "traceId": "00-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-00"

The above response was returned for all APIs: MemoryStore, MemoryStoreQueueItem, and MemoryStoreSortedMapItem.
Other APIs (such as the Standard Data Stores API) returned the correct response.

Thank you in advance.

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Hmm, could you try it again now? We might have had some stale settings from our private beta

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thank you!
404 Not Found resolved

However, the response of “Read Memory Store Queue Items API” is different from what is described in the reference.
‘readId’ not found.

  "queueItems": [
  "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Should I use “id” instead of “readId” for “Discard Memory Store Queue Items API”?
Thank you.

Yes, please use that id as the readId for Discard. I’ll look into changing the name from idreadId to avoid confusion. Thank you!


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The return type for listing items in a sorted map shows the items listed under memoryStoreSortedMapItems (in the API reference), but I think it was renamed to items.