Open Cloud Memory Stores API [Beta]

Hi Creators,

We’re excited to launch the Open Cloud Memory Stores API in beta! This API lets you easily use existing Memory Stores endpoints outside of the Roblox environment.

With this update, you can now access the existing Queue and SortedMap endpoints with third party applications. We’re also introducing two new endpoints called Flush and GetFlush which can help manage your data structures.

This allows for more flexibility in your Memory Stores usage and unlocks the potential to do the following:

  1. Flush stale Memory Stores data during updates

  2. Create an interface to view your Queue or Sorted Maps data

  3. Query player Memory Stores data when troubleshooting issues

…And so much more!

To use these new endpoints, you must create an API key on Creator Hub under the Open Cloud → API Keys tab with the following scopes:

  • memoryStores:queue:createQueueItem
  • memoryStores:queue:readQueueItem
  • memoryStores:queue:discardQueueItem
  • memoryStores:sortedMap:read
  • memoryStores:sortedMap:write
  • memoryStores:control:flushAllDataStructures
  • memoryStores:control:readFlushStatus

What’s Next?

We plan to release Memory Stores for OAuth2 and Hash Map on Open Cloud in the coming months. We will also incorporate your feedback for the general release, so please share any thoughts below!

Check out the API Reference documentation to get started. We’re excited to see what you will build!

The Roblox Creator Services Team


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Pretty good stuff :happy4: I wonder what stuff developers can make with this feature :bulb:


time to recode half my data systems to work with this


Still waiting for the developer products API :sob:


:star: Wow, this is a game-changer!

Great to see the development toolkit being enhanced even more.

It’s also really nice to see the improvements for flexibility outside the Roblox environment

The potential for these new features is immense, and I can already think of numerous applications for better game management and player experience enhancements.

Looking forward to the upcoming OAuth2 and Hash Map support, which will further expand our capabilities.

Can’t wait to see what everyone builds with these new tools. :tada:


why all bold text?
I agree tho, opencloud is nice


If anyone is interested my OpenCloud typescript wrapper supports all of the new Memory Stores API endpoints.


A Few Examples

getting a sorted map item:

type Item = { isReal: boolean }; // The type for the sorted map item data.
const { data } = await MemoryStoresApi.sortedMapItem<Item>({
  universeId: 5243626809,
  sortedMap: "MySortedMap",
  itemId: "Testing123",

creating a sorted map item:

type Item = { isReal: boolean }; // The type for the sorted map item data.
const { data } = await MemoryStoresApi.createSortedMapItem<Item>({
  universeId: 5243626809,
  sortedMap: "MySortedMap",
  item: { id: "Testing123", value: { isReal: true }, ttl: "300s", numericSortKey: 1 },

Using this in it’s BETA state before it was publicly released has been awesome :slightly_smiling_face: excited to see what people do with this.


This could be so cool! The recent updates have been game changing!


Man what is this usefull for, i have no idea what this is.

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The main use case is allowing Creators to access their Memory Stores data outside of a game server. For example, if you had a leaderboard in Memory Stores and wanted to publish the list to a website. Another use case would be if you need to do Customer Support and edit/add/delete data in Memory Stores outside your experience.


Thanks for the explanation, this makes sense.

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Having the bold text makes it more eye-catching :sweat_smile:

Am I the only one that doesn’t know how to add these scopes? Been struggling for ages.

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What are the issues you’re running into?

Here are the steps to add scopes to your API Key:

  1. Navigate to Creator Hub:

  2. You can then add the experience you want to use Memory Stores on here

  3. Add the scopes that you want to add to your API Key, the scope names are almost a 1:1 to the method names

You can then save the API Key and it should work.

For some reason it doesn’t show up for me. Do I need to enable something in my account?

Hmmm, could you try now and see if you can view Memory Stores?

Works now, thank you very much! I spent over two hours earlier today attempting to find that, even asked some friends but had no luck. :joy:

Sorry about that! Because these APIs are still in beta if you run into issues please don’t hesitate to reach out, we can see if its something our side before you spend too much time debugging :slight_smile:

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