[OPEN] Commissions-2D Artist

About Me

Hi there, I am TehpineapplePanda and I am a 2D artist+animator. I have been drawing for about 6+ years and animating for about 4. Currently I am only offering drawings at the moment. I can do roblox avatars or just any OC.

Please note that I mainly work with humanoid OC’s.


You can see my artwork below! I mainly do two styles: Cell shading+a bit of blending ontop, or full blown blended shading.

Cell Shaded Full Body


Cell Shaded Half Body

Blended Fully Body+Complex Background

Blended Fully Body+Simple Background


I am available any time of the day, but will be most active on weekends. Please note that I use EST time, so try to contact me during the day, such as around 1:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST.


Prices are ONLY in Robux. I have t-shirts made for you to buy. Must pay before I start. I No refunds unless I cannot get the work done.
-headshot: 150 rbx
-halfbody: 250 rbx
-fullbody-400 rbx

If you would like it to be blended instead, add +250 robux to the price. Simple backgrounds such as shapes are free. Props+more complicated background details is +150rbx. Complicated backgrounds that include a foreground, middleground, and background are +300rbx.

-Logos: to be discussed
-Ads: to be discussed (Please note I do not have much experience with Ad’s or Logos, so please try to be specific with your idea in mind!)

Will do free revisions until I get to the line-art phase. Any further revisions is +50rbx


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or message me on my ROBLOX account. I do not use DISCORD.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Commission done of an OC for Inking5 on ROBLOX

Style: Cell Shaded full body
Time: About 2 hours

Posting to show basically an example of a recent commission.

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Did a commission for me, was very fast, open, and gave a very good end product.

I recommend them.

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Absolutely amazing! 100/100!

Reasonable prices, quick replies, and the outcome is unbelievable. Would definitely consider buying from again.

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Important update on commissions:

(I changed the prices already, so if someone is viewing this, they are accurate)

The current prices will stay until talent hub is opened (current plan is October 1st). If you would like to buy something at my current prices, you have to message me on devforums before October 1st. (This also includes my mixed medium commissions!). If you have previously commissioned me and would like to commission me again after my price changes, I’ll likely include a 25-50% discount.

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