[OPEN] Commissions Azeroguee

Hello, I’m “azeroguee” but my real name is Euan I’ve been on ROBLOX for about 7 years and been developing for around 4 of those, currently I own my own development studio “Assiduous Entertainment” but we are currently taking it slow, and doing our own outer commissions.

I have had a few past jobs, such as “Police Roleplay Community” ///
Emergency Response: Liberty County - Roblox

"Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5" ///
Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 - Roblox

"Parking Simulator" ///
Parking Simulator 🚗 - Roblox

these are just a recent few of many, I will now show you examples of the work.

Following Pictures are more on the realism side.

Following Pictures are on the low poly end.

Another thing to add on, is I can work off real life reference pictures, descriptions of what you would like etc, pictures above are not strictly what I do and I can do anything you ask as long as its within limits. :slight_smile:

My prices, the part everyone hates to look at. Now I’m not looking for extreme prices, it all depends on what you ask me to do and I will discuss payment with you, here are some examples.

// One Building - 500R$-3,000R$ (depends on complexity)
// Multiple Building’s - 1,000R$ - 10,000R$ (depends on how many again)
// Maps - 10,000 R$ - Any Amount (depends on size and complexity)

Subject to change if you discuss prices with me.

You can contact me, at the @'s or links below.


Discord // euan#6520

or just via the Devforum :slight_smile:

Hope you consider me, thank you for reading!


Great guy, great builder. Been working with him for years now.

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