[Open] Community Based Development Team

About Us
Hello y’all how are you today?
My name is Flauschi a Intermediate Scripter. I own SkyWolf Studios (has no group), i am a admin in Nexus Studios (also no group) and project manager in this Community based dev team.
Currently we are about 20 people.
We are currently working on 2 games (a simulator and a MMORPG).

I’m looking for more members for a new Dev Team that will focus on creating quality games on roblox for the fun of it and pushing their limits. I’m looking for team members that want to get the roblox community involved and make games based on what the community wants and stay connected with community ideas for future updates. Many games take suggestions from the community but they hardly add their ideas and give create to those players. I want to create a Team that is willing to create games to push their limits and to create a Portfolio which will help them get hired by larger studios inside and out side of roblox.
Roblox is being looked at more as an game studio rather then a child’s lego game. Roblox is growing in the eyes of the game world and are looking to hire developers on roblox. I want this dream to help people learn and have the feeling of becoming apart of a team and how it works. The whole objective is to help creating team based Portfolio’s so you can get hired in the future and understand what it is like being apart of a team and working under someone. This will also be a type of schooling to teach users Lua,C++,3d modeling animations and more as this is a community based development team we need to stay connected to the community and teach while also learning new and exciting ways.

Future Plans
I’m looking to grow the community development team into a full blown hundred person operation of creating portfolio’s of game designs,animations,videos,buildings,graphics,music and more.
The future of this community will lead to a 5±10+ small teams within the community competing against one another in contests and even solo contests with shout outs to each winner of their category.
Exmaples: A weekly builder contest of different genres and community based polls on what you should build. The winner get’s a shout out and possible prize money and they can use that build in their portfolio to show off and get an advantage on other builders that are looking to be hired.
I want to be able to have users teach each other and allow lessons to give back to the community.
Imagine growing this community and have multiple games ran on the frontpage at once while being updated by their own team of developers based under one name.

At this moment there are no upfront payments.
Game Revenue
The programmers will share a 35% pot
Builders will share a 30%
The group will get a 5% pot to advertise future games.
Graphics,Animators,Sound specialist will share a 30% pot

My Role
I will be managing the projects and making sure everyone is okay with their task while also staying connected to the player base and setting up contests. I will be getting investors and youtubers to test out the content that we will provide.

Contact Info
Discord: 𝓜𝒶𝒔𝒕𝙚𝒓Flauschi_XD#5492
Roblox: Flauschi_XD

If you have any questions or wish for me to clarify anything please contact me on discord or send me a message on roblox or leave a comment below.

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I’m a animator, I contacted you.

I’m a programmer, I sent a friend request on Discord.

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