[OPEN | CONTACT ME FOR INFO] Sci-Fi Facility RP Development opportunities

About Us

If you are interested, please contact me via my email (issue3996@gmail.com) or my Discord DMs. (_issu3#8661).
I will also be reading thread replies, feel free to ask me questions there if you have any.

Our Development Team:

@issu_3 (Me) - Project Lead | Lead Design | Scripter | Builder

@ItsChedski - Lead Scripter | Designer

OPEN - Lead Builder

OPEN - Level Designer

@itsdefrytheloser - Designer | Builder

@slender7127 - Intern Scripter

Recruitment Interests

I am hiring one builder who is skilled in semi-realistic & sci-fi themed builds for a small indie project of mine, to take the Lead Builder position. You will be asked to further develop and create the environments based on whitebox blueprints from me and our Level Designer.

I am additionally looking for a game designer who is skilled in their field to aid in level design and flow planning. This will involve collaborating with other members of the team to design realistic and detailed spaces for the game, and prepare white-box blueprints to be sent to our Builders for greybox and release stages of development.

Payment Information

I am able to provide payment through most commonly accepted payment methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, Direct Transfer, Robux). Contact me for more information.

Project Overview

The project is a fictional research facility, which takes inspiration from Half-Life 1’s Black Mesa, The Federal Bureau of Control’s “The Oldest House”, and Portal 2’s Aperture Laboratories. Gameplay is of a RP nature, with players tasked with completing assigned jobs depending on their chosen profession. (e.g. Maintenance, Biological Researcher, Security Officer, etc).

We hold ourselves to a standard of extreme production quality of our work, and ensure that

Examples of our design language can be found here:

https://control.fandom.com/wiki/Oldest_House - (Refer to Gallery)

Examples of early gameplay features can be found here:



Interested in joining us? Social links here:

Main Group


Discord Community


Thanks for your time.

issu_3, Project Head @ Horizon Technologies.

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How much robux are you paying? I am just wondering.

Payment is yet to be worked out, and will be finalised when the employment contract is signed. Due to the high-quality nature of this project, I am willing to pay an ample amount for what is required.

I am highly interested on the Builder/3D Modeler position as sci-fi is my specialty, please DM me RocketScript#5634

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Hello @issu_3! I am interested in fulfilling the builder position. Here is my portfolio.

Hello there, could you please contact me via my Discord DMs/Server? I’d like to talk further with you.

Sorry, Discord unavailable. Perhaps we could move this discussion to PMs here on the Forum?

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