[OPEN] Conxtal 3D Modeling Portfolio

Please don’t contact me anymore.

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Do you do commission’s? If so, are you able to make a wind turbine?

Whilst Conxtal is a skilled modeler and his work is quite beautiful, his reliability leaves more to be desired - he officially is not/hasn’t been a modeler for Age of Vikings due to his lack of communication skills and his refusal to communicate in an efficient manner, let alone deliver on anything he was supposed to deliver. Judging off the response above, I assume this is a consistent trend.

I would implore those who seek to hire him to consider it regardless, but to not put all their eggs in one basket. Whilst his work is beautiful, reliability is extremely important.

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dont deal with scammed me $150 a month ago said he would refund in a week still havent gotten anything he wont give you what he says he says it will take a day and then you will be waiting weeks. he has 1 word responses every 5 days its not worth it still waiting on my money back