[OPEN] Coop! is looking for experienced scripters! [10-20k R$ + percentage]

About Us

Greetings! I’m meteor0id, a builder, modeler, sound designer, and UI designer. I’m looking for experienced developers to help me finish my game.
The Team
@meteor0id - Builder/Modeler/UI designer/Lead Developer
@gutoggg - (Former) Scripter
@Hex_0517 - Animator

About The Job(s)


The scripting for the game is about halfway done, unfortunately the scripter wasn’t able to continue working on the project, so I’d like to hire one or two people to finish up the scripting. You should be experienced and able to understand replicate the current scripting. You’ll be in charge of scripting the UI, placement system, shop and inventory system, backend stuff, etc. Again, much of this is already done, although I’m not too experienced with scripting so may have to figure out what else needs to get done yourself. More details can be discussed upon contact/inquiry.


You’ll be in charge of all the animations for the game, including rigging and animating custom models and actions such as egg hatching and building placement. More details can be discussed upon contact/inquiry.


I’d like to hire someone else to help work on models for the game. You should be experienced and able to replicate and/or improve upon the current style, you’ll be in charge of making props and decorations needed for the game.
Example of the style of the game:


You’ll be in charge of creating the map for the farm and lobby area, with the help of myself and the modeler.

UX designer

While I can be responsible for creating the UI, I’d like someone experienced in UX to assist in making sure the UI flows well and works with the game.

As for a time frame, I’d like the project to be completed within a few months, but you should make updates and complete work in a timely manner.


Payment is negotiable depending on how much work each developer has put in. I’m willing to pay 8-12k R$ for the builder to create the map (I can assist with this), 10-20k for the scripters to complete the scripting, 250-1k per animation depending on complexity, and 250-1k per model/prop. This is all negotiable though, if we agree that your work deserves more or less then I can adjust the payment accordingly. If you choose to stay and continue development after release, I can offer a percentage of game revenue depending on how much work you’ve done and what you’ll continue to be doing. I’ll be investing a good bit into advertisements (20-30k) since I have hope the game will be a success.


You can contact me through discord at meteor0id#6619, or through DevForum. If you have any inquires relevant to the project, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing your applications.

When contacting me, please provide:

  • Your portfolio, or past work.
  • Your experience in your area of expertise.
  • Any other information you think would be helpful to increase your chances of being picked.

I’m interested in the builder position. My discord is:

(more info/images of my work there)
Also your discord tag isn’t valid.

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Should be fixed now. meteor0id#6619

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Add me please so we can discuss details. meteor0id#6619

Hello! Do you need a GFX Artist? If so, I’d be happy to oblige!

Yes, actually. Please contact me, meteor0id#6619.

Hello! I would like to apply for the builder and or modeler position. I can do both of them, or just one. I use blender to create just about every build, and have become very experienced with it as well. I have my portfolio, but it really doesn’t show my true skills. Please get back to me if interested to my discord. Looking forward!

I’m very interested in this position! Filling in for builder role, actually love creating things such as farms! :slight_smile:

Past work: Nothing, closed
My discord: Zakaruko#2029

Sure thing. Expect a friend request from tal #2380.

hey im interested in the job i’ve actually worked with you before so id be happy to do it again heres my portfolio :grinning:


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I added you on discord! Hope to talk to you about this!

Interested in the builder position,here’s my discord: ?plasmablast??#2708

Hi! I’d be interested in a builder position, my discord is Ethereal#4689

im intrested in this. Please contact me.
Im a 3D modeler.

Discord: Tanaka#0007

Here’s some of my work

Uploading: 92E3A0B5-9B31-40F0-A318-1BD2B61F88D4.png…

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We’re closed for now, thanks for all the applicants! Stay tuned for any more openings!

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