OPEN - DaDude_89's Building Portfolio - Builder for hire!

Hello! My username is DaDude_89, and I am an intermediate builder in Roblox. I’ve been on the platform for 4 years and I started developing two years ago. I’ve worked on small-scale games with small teams on games such as Napoleon’s Campers and a game I’ve made by myself, Bite Size Obby, which somehow got 1.3 thousand visits (and counting!) without any advertising. I have experience with working in teams, and I’ve published a few models to the toolbox. I’m also quite good at UI design, though it’s not my main skill.

I’ve always considered myself particularly good at indoor design and buildings, and I also have a good eye for lighting. I mostly build in what some people call Roblox style. I can make small-scale maps in 1-3 weeks or models with functionality in about one week.

Maps I've made

I have to add credit to @2008redbird who made the bridge and log bunker models in the first image and helped with the functionality of the game, Napoleon’s Campers

Functional models I've designed and scripted

Interactive Flashlight
Interactive Radio
robloxapp-20210113-1701056.wmv (505.4 KB, just a video I made demonstrating my jukebox)
KasCode Playerlist


Prices are negotiable! But I have a few requirements for the payment:

  1. Currently I’ll only accept :robux_light: Robux (PayPal may be an option soon)
  2. If it’s a percentage of game income, I’ll only accept with a safety net (minimum payment).
  3. One off payments can be transferred via group funds or buying assets (you’ll have to pay the 30% marketplace fee)

You can PM me on the DevForums, with Roblox messages (@DaDude_89) or you can email me at!

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And of course, I forgot to mention, I can also make graphics! Icons, thumbnails and advertisements! I use Adobe Illustrator and Roblox Studio (for modeling) to make these.