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Hello! I am DevMagery and this is my portfolio for UI and Discord Bots. I use programs like Adobe Photoshop and Blender to create my UI and programs like PyCharm or VS Code to create my bots using Python and the package I have worked with people such as @SoaringKeyy, @Fallen2D, @TixLumb2 and have previously been a Content Creator of GFX Comet. I have 2+ years of graphics design and 3+ years of programming. If you order from me, I ensure that I give you the best quality possible.

I have only a few screen shots of work as I haven’t been active recently.

UI Designs



Discord Bots



Payment for UI comes in 1 package which costs $1 - $10 per frame scaled with complexity. I don’t import the UI I make.

Discord Bots

Payment for a Discord Bot comes in 1 package which costs $1 - $10 per command scaled with complexity. After I finish the bot, I hand the files over along with instructions on how to use the bot.

The delivery time will depend on how many commissions I have on hand and how much time I have. If you want me to prioritize your bot, you will have to pay me an extra $10.

As of right now, I am only accepting payment through PayPal. If you want me to start the commission, you should pay me before hand.

1. Right to deny

I have the right to deny any order I receive. This will happen mostly when the client is rude, when the order is too complex or when the client orders something out of my range of services. You will be clearly told that your order is denied in your Direct Messages.

2. Fees

There is a 100% deposit before starting any commission. This is to insure the commitment of the commissioner and to prevent scams.

3. Refunds

No refunds will be given once the commission is complete. If you have already deposited the 100% and choose to cancel the order, you will only be refunded an amount depending on how much progress has been made.

4. Platform ToS

The order requested cannot break the Roblox Terms Of Service and must be appropriate. An inappropriate order or an order that breaks the terms of service will be denied.

5. Time

The time that your order will be completed is not guaranteed. I may have other commissions and also manage some servers as a moderator and administrator. You should not rush me while I’m at work. I have my personal life which I prefer to play in as well as making commissions. If you put pressure on me, you’re commission will be instantly kept away/declined. If you want me to speed your commission up, you will be required to pay a $10 Fee through PayPal.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be instantly denied.

You can contact me here, on the DevForum, Discord and on Twitter.
DevForum - @Scripted_Mari0
Twitter - @DevMagery
Discord - DevMagery#0811

Discord is preferred as I’m most active there


Great Portfolio! Maybe add some more work but overall good job.

Also I can say Magery is very reliable :+1:

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I wish I could add more work but then again, my the files of my old UI are gone and I’d be embarrassed to post them as they’re not great

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Magery is a dedicated and fast working developer. He currently programs the bots running in my server and they run amazingly. Magery is a reliable source when it comes to maintenance. I highly recommend him!

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