[OPEN] [DISCORD BOT DEV] [LUA SCRIPTER] Looking for an Advanced Scripter!

Hello! I am TuffMajor! The National Defense Agency is in need of a well experienced scripter. The current scripter is really busy and isn’t getting enough work done. If you have the experience, please don’t hesitate to DM me!

Needed Scripted

  • Custom discord bot
  • Riot system
  • Webhooks
  • Plus more when the time comes


  • Must be able to stay long term
  • By DMing me you are aware you are experienced and can do the following
  • You will complete tasks before payment ( One at a time )
  • You will not re-sell any of the scripts
  • You will not put projects off for longer than a week unless excused


  • Depending on the asset

Discord Bot Info

  • Kick, Ban, Mute
  • Logs
  • Welcomer
  • Verification
  • Roles
  • Tickets
  • Ban / Kick people from in game ( Roblox API )
  • Webhooks

DB Payment

  • Will be determined by how much you can do


  • Through DevForum
  • Discord ( TuffMajor#0001 )
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