[OPEN] doe deer's doting draws - 2D Digital Art

About Me

Hello, I am Doe!! I make 2d digital art, y’feel? I’ve been drawing and painting for several years now and I draw primarily humans and domesticated animals, but I’m willing to attempt almost anything!

Contact information & Availability
You can contact me through Discord at: doe !!!#0889. I’m usually able to work four to six hours a day every day of the week. I’m available to contact at any time! My work schedule is somewhat unpredictable, but I can finish most pieces in under a week as long as it’s not extraordinarily complicated.

Digital Art

D&D Character art

Tooth Animals

Unfinished Landscape


Simple Bedroom

Traditional Art

My art will be digital by default unless you specifically request traditional, but I’ve included these since I have more traditional examples. Some of these images have marks to cover my full name or those of the people drawn.

Sketches of friends

Animal paintings

Simple animal lineart

My prices are flexible, but I require a minimum of 800 Robux ($3 USD) per hour (I tend to spend about 3-4 hours per piece) I spend on each piece. These prices may change based on difficulty, complexity, or how many projects I am currently working on.


Wow, your work is just astonishing! I may look into hiring you in the future! Great job with your work!


I can vouch that doe makes amazing and beautiful works of art. If you’re looking for someone to commission, I’d wholeheartedly recommend her! :v:

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