[OPEN] Dylan | Graphics Designer

Hey there! I’m Dylan and I am a graphics designer/rendering artist who has been on the Roblox platform for just under 6 years now, 4 of which I have been doing GFX in. I enjoy creating 3D graphics and rendered scenes and specialise in Cinema 4D/Blender and Photoshop.
I currently use Blender and Photoshop for my graphics.





  • My current methods of payment are PayPal and Robux, however GBP (PayPal) is preferred.

  • Payment will be completed after I have finished your graphic. You will however be provided with atleast 2 WIPs per graphic with watermarks over them so you can evaluate my progress.

  • My prices are open for negotiation.

  • My prices are based off the amount of time the graphic takes, the quality of the work and the demand at the time of order.

Thumbnails: 2,500 :robux_light: / £15

Icons: 1,500 :robux_light: / £7

Adverts: 1,200 :robux_light: / £5

Other: Will be negotiated at the time of purchase.

Commission Sheet

Terms & Conditions
  • I have the right do deny any commission at any time for whatever reason, whether that be I cannot take the order due to personal reasons or I simply do not wish to take the order.

  • In the event you do not pay for whatever reason, I have the right to adapt and sell your graphic if I so choose.

  • If we agree on a payment initially, you are expected to be able to pay that amount in full after the order is completed.

  • In the event you do not pay for whatever reason, I have the right to adapt and sell your graphic if I so choose.

  • At the time of order, please have the character models/other models ready to send to me as I request as well as any details/references you may wish me to see.

  • There will be no refunds/chargebacks provided after the design has been completed.

I try to finish most designs within 1-2 days.

I am usually available daily and will try to respond to my Direct Messages whenever I can. I work on my graphics most of the week, however personal activities/holidays may delay your order.

Graphics may take up to 1 week to complete, however they may be pushed back due to personal reasons, if this does occur I will inform you and work with you to finish your graphic as soon as possible. I am also able to work towards a deadline.

Please try not to constantly ping/message me for updates, if I haven’t replied for more than 48 hours, you may then try to contact me again.

Got any questions, feedback or concerns to let me know? Please leave them in the comments! I thank you for your feedback.

You may find me here on the DevForum or on Discord at ImDylan#0001.

Thank you for reading my portfolio and I look forward to meeting you! :grinning:

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