[OPEN] Ebur1n || Builder/Artist

Nice to meet you I’m ebur1n. I’ve been on ROBLOX for 6 years and have been developing for 4 years. I am both a builder and an artist! I enjoy drinking tea and dystopian universes. A notable community I am a member of is Shiguto. I am a flexible worker and can create things in a multitude of styles. I hope to help make your dreams a reality!





horn girl
albert camus
girl hoodie

role model singing


I take payments in the form of group payouts or Paypal. If you have to pay me through buying something you are responsible for paying the 30% tax Roblox places.

If any commission is discontinued or ended halfway. It is the customer’s responsibility to alert me and compensate for the time and effort spent on the commission.

I have the right to decline any commissions.

Price Sheet

Individual Buildings: $10 minimum or 3500 robux
Maps: $60 minimum or 20k robux
Thumbnails: $10 minimum or 3500 robux
Profile Pictures: $5 minimum or 1500 robux
Signatures: $1 or 300 robux

All prices are negotiable

Building commissions are currently unavailable. Art commissions are OPEN.

Art will normally take around 24 hours to be delivered.
Builds will vary depending on scale and detail.

For business inquiries, please refer to areas of contact below.

DevForums: @ebur1n
Twitter: @ebur1n
Discord: evelyn#4965


DAMN. You are literally so (repeat that 1000 times) talented. Expect loads of clients :wink:
Good luck finding a job!


Thank you very much! It’s nice to get feedback from the community. :grin:


Fantastic builder, lovely person and overall great at what she does. Would recommend to anyone considering commissioning her.


Totally recommend @ebur1n.

Great, high quality art made in a timely manner.

100% Recommend @ebur1n, her work is phenomenal and her quality is amazing. If you want someone like her then definitely hire her!

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Fantastic artist, very kindhearted person. Very quick when delivering the art! I really recommend @ebur1n as I do really see that the art she makes is great, and worth it!

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Reopened commissions on 12/7/2019 for the holiday seasons.

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Cool builds, I like your art too.

@ebur1n has been great to work with!!

She’s very diligent in her work and she is a lovely person, and I highly recommend her to anybody who needs high-quality artwork.

Amazing all around. Easy to talk to along with being a quality worker. Can’t beat that.

You look insanely talented. Keep up the good work :smile:

UPDATE 2/9/2020

  • Updated formating
  • Added new examples under building
  • Added new examples under art
  • Added new price sheet
  • Updated availability
  • Updated new payment disclaimer
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