Scotty's Developments: Looking for skilled developers!

love the way this is worded scotty. Hopefully we can make something great.

Keep at it a great platform for developers to express themselves and find others as well.

I support bob, He is a good developer and I’ve seen him build

I support hiring him.

I love the idea, definitely will tell my dev friends about it :smiley:

I’m very interested in this, Sent you a friend request on discord


Hey bud! I am interested your work is pretty neat my discord is GOD#0841

Hey Scotty.
I’m intrigued by the UI designer position.

Here is my portfolio where you can see all of my UI works up to date:

If you’d be interested in adding me, here is my Discord: lollganz#3299
I look forward to hearing back!

I am a part of this, and I strongly recommend it. If you can apply, please do! You won’t regret it.

I recommend working with Scotty, there’s no fluff involved and he gets projects done, just needs an extra pair of hands.


I’ve worked with these guys before and can confidently say they are legit. They have great planning and project ideas, If you’re looking for a good project to work on with a solid team, these guys are definitely a way to go.

Hey I’m interested in joining the team as a builder. Here’s my portfolio, I have map examples I kept off for certain reasons but I can release them to you if you need further information!

I’m a Developer working with Scotty, and I recommend you to work with him. Nothing is on a rough schedule, yet everything should get done by a dead line. Scotty just needs to get more projects out and done. You won’t regret the decision.

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I am interested, however I haven’t built a very impressive portfoilio. My scripting skills are very good and I can write clean, efficient and modular code. I have had 7 years of experience and I know what I’m doing. I can come up with solutions to problems fairly quickly and I can help your game out in a major way. I do have school for one more week but I can start working after that week. I’m also somewhat good at Designing UI, I can make it scale well I just can’t make it look too nice. If you would like to talk to me my Discord is Shadrz#7070. I would like to help out since I want to do something big as a developer and maybe help out with the making of a major project.

I am not a skilled developer but think if I was to work with you I could become more advanced with this I don’t require pay.

This is really a great opportunity.

Scotty is an amazing developer, I do recommend this for other developers.

I’ve known Scotty from Balloon Simulator which he made with my friend. He’s very considerate and a great developer!

Interested in UI Design!!

I’m interested.

I thank you for applying! Unfortunately, we will not be needing your services at this time. I thank you for applying and hope you continue your development career.

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