[OPEN!] EmperiusZuke // 3D Artist & Modeler

Greetings! I am Ben and I’m 17 years old I have been a low-poly builder for the past year and I’ve been practising and learning since 2020.(I use this as my development account.) I am offering my service as a low-poly builder and a modeler. I specialize in low poly creation and medium quality builds, I also model low poly assets in Blender. I am mostly interested in creating Simulator and Team Deathmatch type of maps as these are my strong points when working with low-poly.

  • You must provide proof of funding with video evidence.
  • You must pay a 30% upfront fee when working with my services.
  • I will not refund but I am entitled to make changes and fix things to your liking.
  • You are not allowed to take the finished commission unless you have paid.
  • All commissions must be paid correctly and you must cover the tax.
  • You are able to ask for progress. (Please do ask for progress but don’t be impatient).
  • Please provide reference pictures of what you want and a reference of the style of the build/asset.
  • I can cancel at any time but will REFUND the 30% upfront fee (ONLY IF I NEED TO CANCEL).

You can view my assets here:

Low-Poly Maps
TDM Map(s)

Simulator Map(s)



Tycoon Maps/Models


I am available mostly on the weekends. It is best you contact me on Wednesday’s - Saturday’s. You can contact me any time, to preorder a spot. I am now able to work on some commissions and I will update this portfolio daily with slots. If my commissions are closed that means I’m doing a commission or I’m not really available. So, I will be closing my commissions once I receive 3/3 to avoid confusions and because I suck at time management. (Please note that I am in the time zone (GMT+1.)

Group Funds/ T-Shirt (if the client chooses to pay through t-shirt then they must cover the 30% tax)

Paypal (Dev ex rates)

Clients are required to put down a 30% deposit before I work. This is to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Policy (Paypal must be through friends and family) and exchange rate must be covered and paid in ().

Maps start at 25,000 Robux+

Vouches from users who do not have devforum :)

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, discord iiUnisTy#8356
Thanks for reading!


Commissions now open please contact me at iiUnisTy#8356
More work examples can be provided:

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Now reopened! contact me at iiUnisTy#8356

Hey, Emp I like your Work, And I need you to do a project, for me if you would like to learn more I would recommend, friending me on Roblox at: powerranger4610 Then, I would show you, on what you need to do! So if you are interested get back to me when you can!

Thank you,


Hey there! My preferred method of contact is discord however you can also private message me here! Keep in mind my prices are 25,000 Robux+ and I do a 30% upfront fee :slight_smile:

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Hey, So I think I won’t be needing you for the project there is already someone helping me with the project, but I’m sorry I cannot take that high price also, we’ll hope you find someone else to work with, on there things!


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Hired him to work on a project as well as another small job, excellent delivery and quick worker

10/10 Recommended.

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