[OPEN] ERaxx | 3D modeller [Portfolio]

Hi there! I am offering my services as a 3D modeling. I specialize in asset creation in Blender

Swords And other





Other models

I am available for six to eight hours of work on the everyday. You can contact me 9Am to 12Pm

My price can be from 5-25$+ or 500-5000R+ depending on the complexity of the model but are negotiable.
I accept pay for one model
My preferred payment method is Group Funds or Paypal.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord
Discord | Evga#4714


Do you accept Robux? (30 chars)

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Updated portfolio, added 2 models.

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Works fast so if your looking for a model within the same day I suggest this guy.

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Hello I am @NamelessGuy2005, the creative director of Nameless Game Studio! We are currently in need of a 3d modeller to make some models for current project! The models required are of a sheep, duck, cow, chicken - all the limbs need to be separate as they will need to be animated in the future! The style should be like low-poly but maybe 50% - 100$ more polygons! If you are interested then please contact me on discord at NamelessGuy2005#9999 (you might have to send a friend request first) or the devforum!

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Updated portfolio, added 1 models.

Hey there! Do you think you could work on low poly cars for a game? Example:

Please message Coderholic#4750. I am not him, I am just helping him find a modeller!

Highly recommend :slight_smile:

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I add new images for my portfolio :grinning: