OPEN | Experienced GFX Artist [Clothing Comms Closed]

Yo! My name is Kyng! I’ve been a clothing and GFX designer for about 3 years. I took a little break but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I have a big passion for making art, and it’s a big hobby of mine. I do many things involving graphics. Anyways, let’s move on.

Below I have organized my work, feel free to take a look. (Some are a bit dated)




I am available from 3PM - 10PM. If I do not respond right away, I’m most likely busy doing another commission or with school.

(All Prices Negotiable)
Ad - $5 USD
Logo - $10 USD
Thumbnail - $15 USD
Logo+Thumbnail - $20 USD
Gamepass - 2$ USD (per)

You can contact me at my discord or twitter:

Discord - zrgo#0330
Twitter -
Thanks for reading and please leave any questions you may have below.


I highly recommend this guy! I’ve know Derp for a few years. And he’s really good with what he does! If you are thinking of hiring a GFX Artist or Clothing Designer, I highly suggest him. He’s if very efficient with his work and has good prices! So I hope you consider purchasing/hiring him!


I highly recommend Derp as a clothing designer! He works fast, and he turned in his outfits 5 days before the due date. His clothes are top notch in quality and just awesome overall! It’d be a mistake if you don’t even consider hiring him! :grin:


Those GFXs and cloth designs look good! :slight_smile:
I also know this person and he is pretty nice! :smile:


i hired this dude to make pants and he did really well! :smile:


I’ve added you on discord to talk about some work I would like done, great portfolio, I’m highly interested.


Hey mate! I’ve added you on discord to discuss for some work.


New GFX examples! Go check them out!

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Nice work on this! How did u get this good at GFX ,Building and Clothe Deisgning?

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Honestly, it just takes a lot of practice. I’m still trying to get better!

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Nice I really hope u get Better at this! Good luck at it!

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Hello there! I am a thumbnail/graphics designer and would love to help! Message me here if you would be interested in seeing my past work!

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Hey, I’d be interested in seeing your work! If you could also give me some tips that would be great!

Hello, i counted that bundle needs to be :robux_gold: 1000 because the icon, thumbnail both costs 500
and 500 +500 is 1000.

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That’s why it’s a bundle, so you don’t have to pay the full price if you order both at the same time.


Very good GFX Artist, makes everything fast… I suggest you hiring him. Hello from Bixlle! :slight_smile:

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