[OPEN] Experienced Low-Poly Builder

Hi there, welcome to my portfolio!

:link: https://www.roblox.com/users/417135240/profile

Hi there, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Dominic and I’ve been playing ROBLOX since early 2015 with the passion to create beautiful things for the beautiful environment that ROBLOX provides me with! I am a skilled low-poly builder on the ROBLOX platform with the ability to create some textured builds. Joining my group (thatsCollaborations - Roblox) will supply you with a link to join my Discord server where there you can find my builds.

Use this code: dJRWBwh

Thanks for checking out my portfolio,
The reason you must join my communications/commissions server to view my portfolio is because ROBLOX moderation hasn’t been the best lately to all portfolio publishers. Thanks for your understanding, I hope to see you in the server!

Can you show your work in your portfolio? I have joined your server but didn’t see any work.