(OPEN) Experienced Low poly/Semi Realistic Builder

About Me

Hello! I’m Spil, a roblox builder with 2+ years experience, I only built for fun mostly but I’m trying to start doing commissions,I build only low poly and semi realistic style builds as you will be able to see in the showcase!

If you order from me, you will get daily update of the build progress.




I’m mostly always available, I get on discord allot, I do have school tho, so I mostly build 2-3 hours from Monday-friday and 8 hours on the weekend, really depends of my schedule


Prices are negotiable. I prefer payments to be atleast half upfronts but it’s not an obligation.

I accept paypal, crypto, robux and limiteds now, my pricing may vary from 50-1000$ (for robux it would be devex rates)

The price will mostly vary on the complexity and size of the builds, the information above should only be used as references.


You can contact me on devforum but I prefer discord: shwoup
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Update: Added a few more pictures in the showcase section

Did you accept payment via coinbase or percentage?

I’m not really sure what you mean by coinbase but no I only accept robux commission (edit: I do accept crypto now)

You can search on google what is coinbase

hi! i need a builder for a horror roblox game! .add me on discord plz Shebzy#7515. pay is included.

Yep, those are some very good detailed builds!

Commissions are opened again, feel free to dm me!

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Don’t hesitate in hiring Spil he’s a super desirable person to work with! Speedy at responding, punctual deadlines, charismatic and fun guy to work with (aside from being a crazy talented builder!).