[OPEN] Experienced Scripter For Hire

Hello Guys im an experienced scripter with 1 year experience.

I can script a lot of thing like main things a game has as i consider myself very advanced. I can let u know my scripts in discord not in here because i don’t want to leak them to everyone.

Avaiable: im avaiable mostly all the time almost i can script in your game minimum of 3 hours and 5 hours is maximum because of the quarantine and stuff.

Payment: I don’t take % u can pay me per asset and also if i script something like sell or anything in simulator we’ll talk about the peice and u have to pay me through group.

Contact: contact me in discord:FISHY#8882

You have any screenshots/gifs of what you have done? Also saying you can script “main things a game has” is a little broad

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Im not showing my script to anyone so thats what i said im going to show them only in discord to whoever wants to hire me

I’m not asking for your script, but what your script does, else how do we know what you are capable of?


I just want to say, based on the things you showed me on discord, you aren’t exactly that advanced, also post pictures and things so other people know what you can do

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Please consider making a proper portfolio. It’s a visual representation of your work. No one is interested in reading lines of scripts, only visual information. Most people who hire scripters look for videos of proof. This is not worth of being a portfolio, as it basically only communicates ‘hey, give me work. I can do lots of things’
Also, saying script like sell or anything in simulator basically suggests that you specialize in simulators.

Feel free to suggest what genre you are best at.


Please use gyazo to showcase what your scripts can do