[OPEN] Experienced scripter looking for horror oriented build partner

About Us

Hi there! I’m an experienced scripter looking for a horror oriented builder to partner with for a horror themed Tower-Of-Hell esque obby game.

The Team
@TheArkhitect- Scripter, UI, Investor

I have a moderately similar (albeit Spongebob themed) game here. The builder bailed on it and my feeble attempts at building are, well, as good as you’d expect a scripter’s building to be. Looking to move to horror genre anyways.


About The Job

I’m looking for an experienced builder to partner with and take lead on the visual/creative aspects of the game. It’s basically an open slate on direction – I’m mainly looking for someone with passion for horror and a bit of vision on what they want to make. If you can build something sweet then I can put the scripts and cash behind it. Huge bonus points for modeling.


Really prefer to find someone to partner with for %. Willing to go up to 40% depending on specifics and skill level.

Contact Us

Contact via discord TheAlchemist#2121 . Please include work samples up front.

Thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:

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