[OPEN] faiserly | Graphic Designer

:wave: Hello! Nice to meet you, I’m faIserly!

I’ve been making commissions for around 3-4 years and I enjoy making them! I spend around 1-2 hours on making my commissions, and I have got a lot of friends throughout my journey as a Graphics Designer! I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2015 as a Guest, but made an account in 2016. I use Cinema 4D to render my designs, and use Adobe Photoshop to edit my graphics.

:pushpin: Some Notable Groups

Many notable groups have worked with me, some of these groups include Park East Middle School, Noah’s Treehouse, Frivo, Genhwa, and many more smaller groups. I’ll get more experience over time!

:sparkles: My Work

Here are some of the best graphic designs I’ve created. These are the most up to date works I’ve as of right now I’m writing this.


:dollar: Pricing

Contact me on Discord: @faiserly or on X (Twitter)

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