[OPEN] Flavoriez Bakery is hiring a mesh designer!

Hello, everyone! Flavoriez Bakery, an upcoming bakery group, is hiring a mesh designer!

What we need
The mesh designer is expected to make our wonderful machines, drinks, and pastries! I am creating some pastries myself so they won’t have to create everything. Some machines that we will need include a mixer, icing machine ( I will help with this ) Toppings machine ( I will help with this ) and an amazing oven! ( I will help with this ) We will also need a few foods and drinks to be modeled such as pretzels, churros, and croissants. The drinks that we need to be modeled includes smoothies, milkshakes, and boba tea!

We have more than enough funds to spend on these assets. We will not pay in percentages, but we will be doing a base payment.

If you are interested, please contact my on discord. Tooti#1612
Thanks for reading :smiley:

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Hey, i’m intrested.

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

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