Hi. My name is Cloudpunkk and I’m a graphic/particle designer.

I’ve been a hobbyist graphic designer for a long time and now I decided to take commissions. But why should you hire me? I have 3 years of experience in graphic design and 2 years of experience in particle creation. When it comes to reliability, I always meet deadlines and complete the job as fast as possible without quality loss.

Particle Effects

portfolio1 ! portfolio3 portfolio4 portfolio5 portfolio6 portfolio7 portfolio9


Video Thumbnails


Usually I’m available every day of the week.

My schedule is flexible so feel free to contact me whenever it’s comfortable for you.
My timezone is (GMT+5).

I prefer group funds but PayPal (USD) is also a suitable payment method to me.

1000 - 5000 :robux: per particle effect depending on complexity and difficulty of a certain effect. USD prices are negotiable.

Graphic Design

Prices are negotiable due to the emptiness of my portfolio as of now.

Feel free to DM me on Devforum or contact me via Discord: kekw#0609.

Thank you for reading! Waiting for your feedback and hope to work with you in the future!


Does fantastic work. Highly recommend!!!


Your particles are so wonderful. Keep it up!


Makes amazing work at a good price and fast speed, highly recommend.


Just curious, how do you make particle effects? I would like to get into the field of it.

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Amazing stuff! Finished everything within a few hours and kept me updated throughout the process. 10/10 would recommend. :smiley:

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Amazing particles, fast work, and for a affordable price, highly recommended!


Those particles are so high quality, but gotta love those Rogue Lineage thumbnails.

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The key is to learn from other people’s particles. You get a freemodel and try to understand what the creator used to make it look this way.

Amazing particles, fast work, amazing service, highly recommended!

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Vouch - just had a particle commissioned from them, and it turned out amazing! Fast as heck turn-around time, and excellent quality. Can’t wait to work w/them in the near future.


I added you on discord, can’t wait to speak with you!

Greetings, I am interested in hiring you into my development studios. I have added you on discord and we will discuss stuff there.

Particles are amazing. Gave me 3 different variants in a 1-hour time span. Would definitely order again 10/10.

hello we’re looking for particle designers.

Yo, your discord tag is outdated. Could you drop your new tag or add me at water#8613?

added you. sorry for not responding. looking forward to working with you soon

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Alright thanks, could you list your tag, please?

Hello all,

Feedback: I commissioned lunare for a 20k robux commission and its been a week since i commissioned her/him and they haven’t done a single particles effect they have been playing valorant/aim labs for the whole week. I had to msg them multiple times for them to reply. Overall i personally wouldn’t hire them if i want things done quickly. They have good manners but the work ethic is overall just abysmal. I do not recommend hiring lunare if you want a active worker maybe if you need particles in the future and your not in a rush then sure. Overall there is a severe lack of communication and i haven’t even seen a pic or a msg from lunare on progress on a particle even as simple as a rain droplet particle. I rate my experience a 0.5/5.


Hey there! I am interested in your work adn have sent you a friend request on discord eith the username “Cryptic.8278”. I hope to be eorking with you soon!