[OPEN FOR HIRE] < 30% Off! > - Professional GFX/Game Logo Artist - ItCookedFries

Vouches or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, I’m ItCookedFries! I’m currently offering cheap Graphic Design. I’m most fluent in modern and cartoony logos, titles, and branding. I’ve been designing assets and designs for games outside of Roblox for almost 4 years and thought I’d shoot my shot on Roblox. If you need high-quality vector graphics, I gotcha! :point_left: :point_left:


Sale - 700 Robux (One logo, 3 updates)

Previous Price - 1k Robux
3 Extra Updates - 200 Robux

Some examples of what I provide

Terms of Services

1. Denial of Service

1.1 I want to get this done right away. In the case that your commission violates the Roblox Terms of Services, your commission is questionable, or just that you act disrespectfully towards me, I reserve the right to deny the commission.

2. Payment

2.1 A minimum down payment of 40% is required before your commission. This keeps me safe from scams and pays for my time. This down payment may fluctuate, depending on your commission and the estimated work time.
2.2 All funds must be transferred via Group Funds.
2.3 Any transfer fees and taxes must be accounted for by you. I’m not responsible for the price of the Group Funds or any taxes.
2.4 All finished designs are final, and I do NOT accept refunds.

3. Schedule

3.1 We’re all human, and all have lives. On request, I will send an estimate on when I think the commission will be finished. This is not to be rushed.
3.4 On that note, though, in the event of backlogged requests, I reserver the right to deny your commission if you don’t respond in more than 3 days. I run on a tight schedule, so if you’re holding me up, I’m going to have to speed things up.

4. Creative Process

4.1 I believe that the customer should have all of the say in the project, but abuse of this will result in me ending your commission. I run on a Request & Update system. You start by requesting your commission, I create the design. Then, if needed, you request updates, and I update the commission. You have up to 3 requests, (including original commission request,) so make them count and be detailed.

To verify that you have read through the ToS, send me a :rocket: emoji in the first sentence of your request.

You can contact me on Discord at Friez#1130



A new aspiring Roblox graphic designer that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for over a year at this point! I would strongly recommend purchasing from him if you expect quality service and products at a great price! :heart: :+1:


Your work definitely seems very nice, but a bit pricey for the examples you’ve shown to us.

There are quite a lot of other logo artists that deliver higher quality for a lower price. Here are some examples.

250 Robux

125 - 425 Robux

I highly recommend to significantly lower the price, otherwise I doubt that you would attract a lot of customers, as these could simply order at those other artists, that are much cheaper and at the same time much better. (That’s of course just my opinion, other’s might prefer your work, but if we take a look at details, coloring and effects then those other artists are superior)

I am not writing this to upset you or to downvote your work, definitely not, you seem like a nice guy and your examples are very decent. I just want to help you finding the right price class for the amount of quality you produce.

Good luck on your further commissions! :wink:


I like your sense of humor here, definitely going to consider buying in the future for any upcoming games!


Thanks! Looks forward to working with you.

Hey there!

Nice works. Think you could make me a ad? I can pay up to 5 USD.

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Omg I love the about me part. It’s so epic

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Thank you. People say my friendly gaze catches the attention of people walking by.

Jokes aside, personally, I think people would much rather have a good laugh than look at another basic
portfolio, and that’s what I aim to provide.

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Wouldn’t it just be better to just direct message him this? why does the whole of devforum need to know that you can find an alternative elsewhere? would you go to McDonalds and tell everyone burgers are cheaper and better at Burger King?


It works.

It’s such an eye-catching portfolio, hopefully you get a ton of commissions off this!



This is going to be the third time I’m going to ask this, and fourth you’ve heard this if you want to include KageOrgana. I’ve cut my prices down, and you’ve chosen not to take down your post. It isn’t appropriate to have this post public and not as a DM, and is just here to cause trouble.

Please remove this post. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I already answered your request on Discord, but you do not seem to be able to read that, so I will perhaps have to respond again.

I’ve removed the names which should be enough. I am not breaking any of the forum rules (Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum) nor I am lowering your reputation or anything, I was just advising you to adjust your prices (and even after your adjustment, I am keeping my post there, consciously). If you have a problem with not being able to remove negative feedback from your posts then the Developer Forum perhaps isn’t the right place for you.

I got and claim the right to keep my post there, as I see no reason to remove it.

Wonderful work! This portfolio is very creative, humorous, and bubbly! You have a wonderful personality which makes your prices ideal. Keep up the great work, and remember, you don’t have to listen to one persons opinion. Your doing amazing, and your a really inspirational artist.



Yes, I understand is constructive criticism, but I’ve lowered my price, so it has no use for it being here. Along with that, you didn’t respond to my DM, but rather blocked me. I don’t understand why you need this post to be here. It’s no longer feedback as I’ve changed my stuff, and you refuse to remove it in a passive-aggressive way.

Along with that, as Kage said, don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate to post examples of other people’s work and have outrageous price tags? It is ruining my reputation by saying, “Hey, your prices from before were expensive, but here are some prices that are lower, so others passing by, don’t buy from this guy.”

It’s just simple stuff that you could take to messages, but you decided to post publicly. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s hard starting off, but I think I’m doing well for being a newbie. I’m trying to state my prices for what I’m worth, not what other people look down on me as. No commissions yet, but my page is trending, so hopefully I can find a customer! :hearts: